11 Jan

Best Ways and Sites to Convert Any Website or URL to PDF


Today post is about best ways and sites to convert any website or URL to PDF with steps. When we are a webmaster or blogger. Than sometimes we write some good article and some useful information. We usually write post in ms word. Suppose if our file will delete from our system. And we want our post in our system again which we have on our blog or website. Than we have a solution online. I have find some tools online for you to convert your all webpage to the PDF. below some steps are given

Using ctrl+p:

As we know if we want to print something than we use CTRL+P. It also applies on the WebPages. Just click CTRL+P to convert the WebPages to the PDF.

Using pdfmyurl:

It is a web service by using this we can convert any website or URL to PDF. See image below and just follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to PdfMyUrl.

Step 2: Just write the URL you want to convert in given space..

Step 3: Click on the P which is denoted by 2. Now your webpage will convert in PDF with just one click.

Step 4: See number 3 in image this is for the short cut to convert every web page with just one click. You do not need to go on pdfmyurl again and again. Just move this button to the bookmarks. If your bookmarks are not showing than just click CTRL+SHIFT+B. see image below for reference

Using Web2Pdf:

This is the second tool we can use to convert WebPages to PDF. See image below.

Step 1: Just choose the web to PDF.

Step 2: Now enter the URL in the given space.

Step 3: Now just click on convert to PDF button. Now your download will be start. Now you have the webpage in PDF form.

These images are clickable so just click on the image to go to website.


This is having limitation as well if you are login will any website like PayPal, Facebook or any secure server like google.  Than  page will convert in pdf but the only login page.

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  • Vijesh C 26 Jan

    Nice article I know Web2Pdf site I used to convert my online application forms and take print out from Net shop. Please fix this comment form its bit problematic.

  • rohit chugh 26 Jan

    sir i am out of station……so when i wil get bck than i wil chang. if u have any suggestion than feel free to tel me