10 Jul

How to Create Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) For Website


Today we will see how to make Google custom search engine to search out your blog or website easily. Yes we have default blogger and wordpress search widgets and plugin’s. But if we will use Google Custom search engine then we can also make money with this. This is also fast one.


1: It is fast. We can make our website or blog fast to search for our audience for our traffic.
2: We can make money with Google adsense.
3: It will look good.

Steps to create Google custom search engine:

Step 1: Login to your Google webmaster tools dashboard.
Step 2: Now go to labs>>custom search. See below image for reference.
Step 3: Now you need to click on standard edition>>>check policies tab>>>save this custom search engine. See below image.
Step 4: Now on this page you have to add your basic configurations. Like your websites you want to make search available.  Also customize your every tab you see in below image as per your requirement.
Step 5: Now click on Look and feel tab. As shown below.
Step 6: Now you can customize your look and feel of your search engine. How it should looks as per your website look and colours. I have marked all tabs which you can customize.
Step 7: Now click on Save and get code button as shown above.
Step 8: Now paste this code where you want to show your Google custom search element to appear.
Step 9: It will look like something below.
For Blogger blog:
You just need to add widget from blogger dashboard and insert in html. If you do not know to do it read my previous post about “How to add html/java script in blogger

Editor desk:

I know this is a very common thing for all webmasters and all pro bloggers. But for new bloggers and webmasters it is very good tutorial to follow. If you like it then just share this post. Also let me know your thoughts in comments. Look forward for positive response.

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