5 Dec

How to Add About The Author below every post only on blog pages


Today we will see how to add about the author below every post only on blog post pages. Yes it is very important to us to have a about the author on our blog or website. Because if we do not have about the author on our blog then Google will not like our blog. Google will think our blog or website is a spam. So we can do it in a simple way with no problem. We just have to follow simple steps and we will get the about the author below every post only on blog post pages. See the below snapshot for reference.

Steps to follow to add about the author below post:

Step 1: Go to your blogger dashboard>>edit template>>expand widget template.(Backup your template first)

Step 2: Now find the below code  on it. Use “ctrl+f” for that one.

You will get this code on two places some times you will get on three places.

Step 3: Now add the below given code in below the line you find  in step 2 in any one. You just have to change the colors given in code and than add it.

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  • Rishav 6 Dec

    Hi rohit this artical is very good but difficult to understand what you want to convey….so plz be more clear about this
    Rishav Arora

    • rohit chugh 7 Dec

      @rishav k sir let me know what things you are not understanding .please tell all things in comment and i will help you defiantly. iam always here to help you


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