How to Link Different Google Adsense and Google Analytics Accounts

Today we will see how to link two different Google Adsense and Google Analytic accounts. Yes sometimes we have a Google Analytic account on one account and Google Adsense on other. So new bloggers like me do not know how to link it. I have search it out on internet for long time to see this. But I get some information on one and some on other. So I am writing a combined article for you in simple and understanding form. By following simple steps we can link our two different accounts.

Steps to link two different Google Adsense and Google Analytic Accounts:


Step 1: login to your Google analytic on which you want to link you different adsense account.

Step 2: Now on Google Analytic Dashboard click on the admin tab as shown below image.

Step 3: Now click on the site on which you want to link your adsense account.

Step 4: Now after this you will get the new window on your system. Now click on user tab on it.

Step 5: After this just click on the new user tab on it.

Step 6: After this add the email address of the adsense account which you want to link with your current Google analytic account. And give the Administrator rights to that email address. And check on notify this user by email if you want to tell he is also the administrator now.

Step 7: After this logout of your analytic account and login into the adsense account on which you want to link analytic account.
Step 8: Now click on the account settings tab on it.

Step 9: Now in access and authorization tab click on edit after Google analytic integration tab.

Step 10: Now just link or unlink your analytic account. Have fun.

Step 11: Now when you will click on link tab than your analytic account will open and just below all click on the link button and you are done.

Now if have any questions than ask me. I am always ready to help you.


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