How to Make Contact Form using Google Docs for blogger.

Today we will learn how to make a contact form using Google docs. If we are a webmaster and have a own website or blog. Then it is very important to have contact page on our website or blog. Due to some reasons. If we do not have this on our page than how people interact with you? How they will give there feedback? It is very good to interact and feedback of our viewers. They can send their suggestions on our side. By using that we can improve the readership with all. And Google is giving the way to make a contact form using the Google docs. Today we will see how to make a contact form using Google docs in simple way.

Why we should have contact form in our blog or website?

People can interact with us.

We can improve our readership.

We can receive suggestions from everyone.

If we have something wrong in our site and if somebody wants to tell us than it will be possible for us.

If they want any new post than it will be possible.

Steps to make contact form using Google docs:

Step 1: Go to the Google Docs.

Step 2: Login with your Google account. After login you will see the below screen. Now click on create. After clicking on it you will see the some tabs. Now click on the form. For more see below image. I have encircled the tabs on it.

Step 3: After clicking on the form tab you will see the below image.

Step 4: In place of untitled form add contact me/suggestion or whatever you want. I am using contact us here. See image below.

Step 5: Now in sample question add whatever you want. I am using name. Make it required if you want. See image above I have encircled the tabs on it. By default there are only two columns. If you want to add more options for detail than just click on the add item. See picture below.

Step 6: Now click on option which you want in your form I have choose the paragraph here.

Step 7: After making form it will look like below form.

Step 8: now click on the more option above it all. Now click on the embed.

Step 9: After clicking on it you will get the code as shown below.

Step 10: Now copy the all code.

Step 11: Now go to your blogger dashboard and make a new static page with name contact us/contact me or what name you want. If you don’t know how to make a static page than refer to my previous article. i.e.

Step 12: Now in the edit page go to the HTML. And just paste your code in above

tag. If you not understand how to do it. Then just refer to below image.

Step 13: Preview your page. If all is fine than it over. Congratulation now your contact form is ready. After all process your form will look like below picture. Have fun.

 Step 14: if someone will send you the query than you can access it by going to the Google docs Dashboard.

see image below. select the form which you want.

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