How to Make Money on HubPages Online Using Adsense (Video)

Today every one want to make money. So today i will tell you How to Make Money on HubPages Using Adsense. If you have a adsense account hosted or full approved and now earning money then this tutorial is for you.

You will love this method i am dam sure. So today we will see how we can earn money using HubPages with our Google adsense account. This is very simple method. But before this i will tell you the benefits of using this. You are new or very professional in webmaster and online world read this once. This is for you all. We can make $$ money using  Hubpages. Today i will reveal the formula to make some more handsome money using your Google Adsense account.

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What is HubPages Programme?

Hubpages are the user generated content revenue sharing programme. It means that we all can add our thoughts and content here and can earn money as well. They want original content so never go with copied content and make you hub.
1: No need to have your own website.
2: If writing is your passion then start earning as well.
3: With sharing your experience you can earn some more $$.
4: Its Alexa is very good so do start your work right away.
5: SERP (search engine rank position) is very good. So your article will be crawl more effectively on Google search. No need to do hard work for it.
6:  No need to waste money on SEO.
7: No need to waste money for exposure on social media. So you can save tons of money & time to waste on it.
8: Millions of peoples already joined it. So just select the category and start posting and other will find you itself.
9: You will get more benefits that I told you.
10. Google Adsense Hosted Account (blogger, youtube)holders also can use this

Steps to link your Google Adsense with HubPages:

I have given video tutorial as well. But for sake of simplicity i have given steps below. So you can follow it.
Step 1: Login to your hubpages account. If you do not have then you can create a new one.
Step 2: Now click on your name after notification tab.

Step 3: Now click on my earning tab.
Step 4: Now click on Earning setting page.

Step 5: Now click on get started button before Google Adsense.
Step 6: Now follow the procedure in video and have fun. You will need to complete some steps in your adsense account and you have done.
Step 7: Now last step is you have to wait for approval. When you will get approval then just start to make your high quality hubs and get start to earn money. It is as simple as that.

Video Tutorial:

Here is a video i have made for you. Hope so you will enjoy it.

Editor Desk:

Hello friends in this tutorial i have talked about how to earn money on hubpages using adsense .if you have it your own. Whether it is hosted or fully approved. But if you do not having adsense account then never mind. I will publish the methods how you can get adsense for every hosted account. let share your experience how you make money online? And also if you have experience with Hubpages then just share your thoughts and views. Subscribe us if you like it. Share this if you like. Get back to you in comments.

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