2 Feb

How to Protect and Save Your Google Adsense Account from hackers


Today we will see how to protect and save your  Google adsense account from hackers. When we get new Googleadsense approval. Than we use our code in our blogger template or in website.

But when anybody will do the view source code. Than our publisher id and all information of our google adsense will show in that. So by this way any one can use your  Google ads very easily.
When we have enable our option of allow any site to show your adsense code.
We all know Google is very safe and best secure system. So by applying few simple steps we can protect our adsense. See the simple steps below.

Steps to follow:

Step 1: login in to your adsense account.
Step 2: just go to account settings in dashboard. See image below.
Step 3: Now just click on site authorize to show ads. Click on edit button as just showing in below image.
Step 4: see some steps in image shown below.
A: In authorize sites box add site address. One domain in one line.
B: Now click on save button.
C: if anybody is using your adsense code. Then it will be shown in the unauthorized sites.
Step 5: if you have one or two sites as authorized. Then you apply your code to new site. Then the ads will be shown in new site. But you will get no revenue for that. You have to authorize first.
Step 6: if you want to authorize unauthorized site than just see image in step 4. See 3rd step in it. And below that you will get the option to authorize. Just click on it. Enjoy you are done. Now your adsense is protected. No one hacker can hack your adsense account

Additional help:

If you are using adsense code in blogger. Then you have to authorize bloggers.com. if you will not authorize than you are losing your revenue

Editor desk:

With my personal experience I want to say when I was not having this option enable. Then I was not worried because I was not knowing that anybody can use your code. But when I just enable this option than I got many sites those are using my adsense.

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