How to Read Every Website in Any Language

Our today’s post is about how to read every website in any language. Yes you are hearing true. We can read big brand site like YouTube, snapdeal, flipkart, Microsoft, paypal even you can read popular blogs like mybloggertricks and in your desired language. Even you can read my website in your desired language. Here are the simple steps by which you can do this. Everybody is using Google translate I think. But here I will tell you the different way to use Google translate.

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Steps to do it

Step 1: Go to Google translate. You will get shown below screen.
Step 2: Now just follow these steps 1 to 4
1. Choose the language of your own
2.  Choose the language in which you want to read that website.
3. Just write or copy and paste the URL of the website which you want to read.
4. Now just click on the translate button. Now you will get the website in your desired language.
Here I just give the snapshot of some websites. Just click on the image to view the translated website.


Every good thing is also having limitations it cannot translate facebook and paypal because they are very secure servers. It might be not able to translate the secure server. I just checked on facebook and paypal.

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