How to Rotate your Video in any Format using VLC Player

When we make video in our camera or mobile. Than sometimes we move or rotate our camera. Than we may have a vertical video or in other angle in video. For that we have to move our neck to view it. But it is not a good way to see video. So we a solution for that. We have a video player named vlc. Everybody is very well known with this media player. There is a cool feature of this player that we can rotate our video in any angle. According to our convenient. So now we will see the simple steps by which we can rotate our any format video in VlC media player.

Steps to rotate video in vlc media player with any format video:

Step 1: open any video in vlc. Here we use the simple view without video because we cannot take snapshot  while playing video. See image below when we open our video than it will look like below image.

Step 2: Now click on tools as I encircled in above image. When we will click on the tools we will get the various options as shown below. Now click on the Effects and Filters as I encircled below.

Step 3: Now new window will open. Now click on the video effects see below.

Step 4: Now new window will open. Now click on the Geometry. Now you will see the rotate and magnification/zoom buttons below. Now check the rotate button. Now the angels are open.

Step 5: Now rotate your video in any angle as per your convenience. For more see below picture.

Have fun. If you have any query than let me know.

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