How to Stop Blogger Blog from Redirecting To Country Domain with Live Demo

Today we will see how to stop redirection of blogger blog to specific country domain URL. When we open our blog. Yes there is a problem with blogger blog that when we open the then it redirects to the  It is in the 15 countries. Here we will discuss the all things about this.

Live Demo

Sometimes in other countries our url open in different way. Which you do not want.

In social media on facebook and Google and on Google plus it will have different expression?

Your visitors can be less may be.

You will get other problem on the different commenting form on the commenting platform like on disqus and facebook comment form.

It might be take the all juice of your Google page rank.

So here is a script which will stop your blog redirection to country domain url.


Just go to blogger dashboard >>>edit template now just paste above script just after the . Enjoy 
now you are done. Now your blog will redirect to not to or any other country url.

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  • fandi plc

    mau tanya gang!,. cara menghentikan redirect blog saya dri blog orang lain!,. soalnya sy copy dia punya scrift n scrift itulah yg bermasalah, tpi sy suka betul scrift itu..
    sy mau tau cara menghentikan pengalihan alamat sy ke alamat blognya.. thanks..

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