Protect and Secure System Data using Truecrypt

We have lot of data in our system either laptop or personal computer. Some data we do not want to show to anybody. Because sometimes we have secret files in our system. So we want to not show that to anybody. We have two options for that one is we can hide our system files and folder. But sometimes other person knows that tricks. So what is the solution for that? How we can secure and protect our data from others? Here I will tell you how we can secure and protect our data from other in simple way using true crypt. So by using simple steps we can protect our data from others. In this software it will create a one secure drive for you. Where you can add your data in it. See the steps below.

Steps to secure your files using true crypt:

Step 1: Go to true crypt. And install true crypt in your system. After installing it you will get the below screen. Now click on the create volume button as I encircled in below image.

Step 2: Now you will get new window. Select the option you want and click on next I encircled. See below.

Step 3: Now you will get the new window. Now select standard or hidden which ever you want and click on next.

Step 4: Now select the folder where you want to make your new drive. After selecting your folder click on next button.

Step 5: Now again click on next.

Step 6: Now select the space you want to make your drive. Here I choose 1 mb. You can create your own drive with your convenience. Now click on next button.

Step 7: Now select the password for your drive. Choose a strong password and keep in your mind. Now click on next button.

Step 8:  Here it is your secure drive is created. Now you will see below window in your system. You can make other drive or exit from it.

Step 9: Now if you want to open your drive than select the folder that you choose in step 4. Now click on mount button. It will ask for your password. Put your password in blank space. Now add your secure data in that drive.

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