Review of an Amazing Microsoft Office 365 with Amazing Features

Review of an Amazing Microsoft Office 365 with Amazing Features

Today tutorial is about the office 365. This is a brand new product of Microsoft. We have many bloggers in all over the world.  Without Microsoft office we all are like backless and boneless. We cannot do anything without it. If we have office then we feel great. If office was not their then we cannot write even one article. Here I am going to review new product of Microsoft office 365. It also helps to auto detect your errors. Bloggers like me do a lot of errors while writing posts. But thanks to Microsoft we can correct it using auto correct tool. In new office 365 we have brand new features. It improves a lot. As in previous versions we cannot access Microsoft office on Linux, Mac and other platforms. But here you can use it online; it means you can use this office at any place on any platform. Because we can use this office online in any Brower. Because this office 365 is on cloud. Cloud means all data will be saved online. Here I will explain everything for this.

What is cloud?

Cloud means that all work is online. Office 365 is come in market with cloud computing concept. It means if you do any work offline on your system you can synchronies it online. After synchronization you will be able to use it anywhere in world.


This office 365 is very good and amazing for me. Yes it little bit costly but believe me this is very good office ever.

Lync online:


Lync feature is new in this. This is a service to use in your mobile phones, your laptops or pc’s. Using this we can do video call. We can save our all contacts in our office 365. It will be saving with all persons images as well. We can do office meetings using this. We can do video conference using this. All n all it is very good to use. We can also use this to give presentation online. You can show your slides online. We can share videos. As I said it also saves contacts. So if we lost our mobile phone. Then we will lose our every contact. But as in this scenario if we lose our phone then we lose our every communication. But using this feature we can restore every bit of contact in our new phone easily. So I will open a blogger firm then it will be very useful to me to save every blogger contact. So I will not lose my communication. You can purchase this separately and if you will buy office license then it will be included in it.

Post directly from office 365:

This feature I like the most. Now I m using ms-word 2007 and I have to copy all document and paste in blogger. So here with this feature I can directly post my article from office 365. It includes wordpress, blogger and typad and some other platforms. We have the option for schedule post so if I want to post my article then I will just adjust the date and time and this will post it automatically. It sounds great to me.


This means we can sync our offline and online work. Suppose we are making any project offline but it will be available to us only on our system. But if we will sync our project online then we can access it anywhere in world. It will help me a lot to see my work projects online.

Can Work together:

It means that using this feature more than one person can edit the same document at same time. Suppose you working in Indian branch of your company but you and your friend which is doing working in USA branch of your company. Then you and your friend can make and can change same document at the same time. Is it not great? It sounds very nice when you have access of this feature. You do not have to worry about your USA data or Indian data. They will collaborate at the same time. If one will get problem other will solve it.

Website builder:

Office 365 is having inbuilt website designer. If you are not a developer.  If you do not know about any single bit of programming. Do not need to be worry because this will help you to create your own website. It is having drag and drop feature. With using this feature you can create your blog. You can link your profiles. You can make menu tabs and much more. So try it out.

Share point:

It is also having feature of share point. Office 365 is having many of social media sites linked with it. You only have to link your social media profile with office 365. After linking with just one click your article will be shared on your every linked profile. It is having some popular social media brands like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and much more. You do not need to share it to each social media account. You only need to just click one button and it’s done.

Browser accessibility:

Yes you listen right. We can use this on your browsers. If you have synced your all documents well in cloud from your system. It is very good feature of this new office 365. Because in previous versions we do not have this type of facility. With this we can operate our docs in Linux and Mac machines also. Before this we cannot do this because Microsoft applications did not open on Linux and Mac Machines.

Live support:

Yes in this office 365 license we have live support for home users as well. In license of home user and small scale business we have live support in business hours. But in big brands and for big firms they are providing 24 hour support. So you do not need to be worry about any problems. You will get solution from Microsoft as well. It sounds good when we have live support. Because when we will get any problem then we should not worry Microsoft is with us. If live support is not there in our company then it can be the loss of money and time both.

New MS tools look and feel:

As we have many tools before like ms-word, ms-excel and much more. So in this we will get many features which will improve our life style.

Money back guaranty:

Microsoft is providing you money back guaranty. If you purchase it and you are not satisfied then just contact Microsoft for your full refund.

Security and safety:

Yes it is the most important point according to me. Because when we have a company then we do not want to lose our privacy. So Microsoft gives many security features in this office 365. That was not in previous versions. From signing in to user account till use we have many security features. Administrator can apply security features as they want. It also includes the mobile verification as well. If you want you can use mobile verification method as well.
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Demo of small business office 365:


Editor desk:

 I want to grow up my blogging. I want to grow my blogging all over the world. So if I will have this tool then I can do it. Because we have schedule post and direct sharing options. We have security features as well. So there is will be no worry. My office will be in my hand because we can access my office in any browser. So I will not worry about anything. Tell your own experiences as well.

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