See Your Website Live View in Different Browsers using Google Webmaster

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Hello everyone. Today we will see tutorial on how to see your website live view of different browsers using Google webmaster.

Yes we will see how our website will look in different browsers. It’s true that your website looks different in different browsers.
So we should know everything about our website or blog. So we give some simple steps for that.


Steps to follow:

Step 1: Login to your Google webmaster tools.
Step 2: Click on website that you want to see your live preview. See below image for that.
Step 3: After doing above step you will see window like below. Now click on the labs>>instant previews.   
Step 4: Now you will see new window like below. Here you have one box.
Step 5: In this window you can see your site is already there. You just have to add  your pages. For example if you are looking for live preview of below given page
Than http://www.careerandtricks.com/ is already in your screen.
Just add the other part of url like this 2013/02/steps-to-add-subscription-and-social.html.  Just add this in given box as shown in step 4.
Step 6: just click on compare button now.
Step 7: After this it will take some time. After sometime you will see your process is successful. Just click on success button.
Step 8: Now you will see live previews of your website in different browsers. Google will give you three previews for your website.


We can check our site compatibility in different browsers. So that we can improve our performance.

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