6 Mar

Some Steps to Remove and Fix Crawl Error in Google Webmaster tools.


Today’s tutorial is about how to remove crawl error in google webmaster. Sometimes we get crawl error in Google webmaster. We should not have any error in webmaster. If we have than we should remove that error soon. If we will not remove that error then it can be harm full for us. First of all we should know what the crawl error is and what is crawl?

What is crawl?

Crawl means when Google watch your site. Google regularly see your site. It means that Google crawl your site. When we update your site regularly. Your crawl rate is also high. You can see in webmaster. So in simple words when Google look at your site and your site content that simply means Google crawl your site.

Crawl error:

So when Google see any error while crawl. It is known as crawl error. So we should remove this error as soon as possible.

Steps to fix crawl error:

Step 1: Go to Google webmaster.
Step 2: Login with your Gmail account.
Step 3: Now go to site where you want to fix your error.
Step 4: Now just go to health >>crawl errors>>click the error box. Now click on mark as fixed button. See image below.
Step 5: Now click on the ok button as shown below.
Now be happy your error is fixed.


You will get good crawl by Google by fixing the error.
Your search engine reputation will not go down. If you have error then it will show in Google search as well. If error is in your URL then all will go to wrong page. Then your image will go down.

Editor Desk:

According to me we should check our errors regularly. if we are doing so then we are going good with our website and blog as well.
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