Steps To Add Jump Break in Blogger Blog

Today we will discuss about the jump break in our blog on blogger.  When we make a new post. When we post that on our blog without jump break.  Than all can see your post on the homepage of your blog itself. So we are not insure that people will go to our post page. If we have some adsense ads on our post page. Than people are unable to see that ads. So we want that all will go to our post and see those ads. That is the reason we want jump break in our blogger post. So here we will see how to add jump break in our post.

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Steps to add jump break in blogger blog.

Step 1: go to your blogger dashboard. As shown below

Step 2: now click on post tab. Than go to any post and click on edit button near blow it. As shown in below image. And if you have a new post than see next step.

Step 3: now click on the jump break button after selection of your place. Where you want to add jump break. For help see below picture. I have enclircled the jump break tap in it with small circle.

Now after doing this you will see the read more option below every post.

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