steps to Cancel Your Website Subscription From Alexa

Alexa is a popular website which is having the every information about every web. This is very important factor if we have website or blog. Yes it tell us about our performance. If we have rank 1 lack that means we only 99 thousand peoples are in front of us. Like Google is having alexa ranking one and facebook is having it 2. In previous article we saw steps to increase alexa ranking. In this article we will see how to cancel our subscription from alexa.

Why we need to cancel subscription sometime:

1. Sometimes we have the BlogSpot address like  After that we take the for our blog. So we do not need the previous address. Sometimes we want to delete it. So we need below given instructions.

2. Sometimes we have the junk sites. So we should remove those site for alexa.

Steps to cancel our subscription from alexa:

1. Sign in to your alexa.

2. Go to your my account tab.

3. Now click on the Dashboard tab.

4. Now you will see the site management tab there. Click on that tab. choose the subscription from drop down menu.You will redirect to the another page.

5. Here you will see two options one is upgrade and one is cancel subscription. Click on the cancel subscription tab.

6. Now click on the cancel button to cancel subscription or click on back button to go back.

what things will remove after doing this

1. your site will be removed from alexa dashboard.

2. your CLAIMED badge will be removed.

3. you will no longer to able to edit you that junk site.

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